National BookStore Warehouse Sale

First time to go to this National Bookstore Warehouse Sale event at Quezon Avenue, thanks to an informative tip from a FB member of Mommy Bloggers Philippines. We went on a Sunday and it was the last day of the sale. We were there 10am sharp right after we attended the Sunday Mass. Mind you, the place was already jam-packed. The warehouse was in the 4th floor and you can see people coming in hurriedly from the parking lot at the basement of Crossings, riding the elevator to the 3rd floor and then taking the escalator to the 4th floor.

What we got:
1 Look and Find Pirates of the Caribbean book (bnew/sealed) --- P25.00
1Panda Make Your Own Story book (dusty) -- P10.00
1Big Organizer w/ Glossy Cover -- P100
4 pcs Scrapbook Decor @15/each ---P60.00
2 Dozen Gift Wrappers -- P 12.50
2 Electronic Cleaning Net Wipes @P20/each-- P40.00
1 pack Reg Magnet --- P10.00
1 Rubber Exercise Band -- P40.00
1 Artistic Accessory Work Basket (the pail looking thing worth 322.00 originally) -- P50.00
Total -- P347.50

Most of the sale items were books and as I saw from the people there, many were hoarding a LOT of books of all sort: pocketbooks, textbooks, activity books. We were hoping to find Ripley's books, even the previous year editions but found none, so what we just roamed around, looked at each pile if we see there's something interesting and then moved to other piles. The books were a bit dusty but there are still some which are plastic covered.

I was satisfied with what we got after the trip because I know we really saved a LOT but I just wished we have gotten there on the first two days and find something I can sell to Mall Sale Lover shop! That 80% discount was really worth taking the trip. Next year, I'll make sure that we get the schedule beforehand so we can go there and raid the warehouse at the perfect time.


  1. aw. I love sale! sana I was able to go there din

  2. Hi Nerisa, sobrang sale talaga :-) I think this is annual so we'll better watch out for the next event. Next time din I'll hoard so I can sell some too :-)

  3. me too..I love sale...super nice and mura ng mga loots mo sis...:-D

  4. Yes, Mommy Lally, I enjoyed these loots kahit konti lang nabili namin:-)

  5. I was at NB Quezon ave last week but their warehouse was still closed when I got there but I was still able to buy a James Patterson book for only Php150. :)

  6. Too bad, wasn't able to go to NBS warehouse sale. I also love super discounted sale! Inform us if you know of any! Btw, may Grand Baby Fair this coming Jan. 30 to Feb. 2 sa Megamall. :)

  7. Thanks Sally for the info :-) I'll make a post of that for the benefit of my friends too :-)

  8. Oh! I love your finds. Soon I'll be hoarding book-sales for Ayvan na. Hehe

  9. Hi Jen, there were lots of books for kids there and mind you, I see lots of mommies with their kids having a full load of books in their carts :-)

  10. I super love NBS! I can stay there forever! Sayang, we don't have that in Baguio...


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