The Quezon Heritage House - New Museum Within Quezon Memorial Circle Park

A new museum was recently opened for everyone to have a glimpse of the life of one of our Philippine presidents, Manuel Luis Quezon. His home at Gilmore Avenue in New Manila was recently reconstructed partially to serve as a museum right within the place where his remains stay, at the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Free Entrance
Opening 9:00AM-4PM Daily

@Front Yard - the entrance was inviting, no Entrance Fee :-)

As everybody may have already known, there's already a museum under the Quezon City Monument Tower so why have a new museum? As I've read, the new house museum was specially focused on preserving such kind of architecture and for Filipino students to have an idea of how Filipino houses were built then. I've shared some photos and let me hear from you if you think it will really serve its purpose in the end. ---> 

No, it's not a swimming pool. It's supposed to be a fountain, here unopened  with fishes and frogs

No, you are not supposed to enter that door at the top of the stairs :-)

At the back is the original front door of the house, with iron trimmings of leaves and flowers. Sorry but the photographer chose to shoot us :-)

Here's where you are supposed to start your museum visit. We were welcomed by a friendly security guard before we got up the stairs and above, you will be greeted by a museum tour guide :-)
I just want to take note that the security guard was friendly enough to greet all the passersby saying : "Pasok po kayo, wala pong bayad." (You can enter, it's free). Literally no signs there telling the people that the museum is now open to the public. 

The Quezon Family Tree

The bed of the nurse who took care of the sick President

Original Quezon family luggages, no LV's here :-)

Antique Boots and Hat of Manuel Quezon

O my God, is that Manuel Quezon's ghost? :-)

Original Dresser

Videos of the Quezon Family being shown inside the museum

One of the recipes of Doña Aurora 

Fire Escape

Our tour guide demonstrating the antique plant box

The conference room

No sitting please! 

Another set of antique luggage

Antique financial log book 

One of the Quezon children's report card

Antique Glass Cabinet

The President's Bed

Manuel Quezon's Bust

First Lady's Portrait

The Shower Room 

The Staircase where the number of steps were based on Oro, Plata, Mata

They said, No Sitting please! :-)

@ The end of the tour

The Quezon Heritage House can be an educational and enlightening stop when you visit QC Circle. It's not as grand as you may expect for a president to stay at but since this was only a copy, I bet the house of MLQ will be more grand than what I saw. On another side, the First Lady Doña Aurora was known for her charities and humility until her tragic assassination so it might be that a modest but clean and elegant looking house will be perfect for her.


  1. Thanks for the info about this new museum! We shall add this to our go-to list of museum hopping! haha! :) Hope you could add the address and museum hours, etc. :)

    1. Thanks Sally for the suggestion :-) I included the opening hours :-)

  2. Thanks for this post sis. I'll visit this museum with my family. I've met some of the apos of the late president. It's like seeing an artista. hehe! =)

  3. Wow I didn't know there was a museum like this! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Will visit this place if we get the chance to visit Metro Manila. Thanks for the info :-)

  5. That really is SUCH a beautiful house - wow!

  6. It's nice to add some heritage attractions in QC Circle since it's easily accessible.

  7. woah. i love how you guys tour and enjoy in QC circle. never though that there's one kind of antique house in that area.

  8. Nice Museum! Good thing we have na something near lang. I love that Original Dresser! It will be very expensive to sell for sure! and that fountain thing, you're right, I thought it's swimming pool hehe

  9. Will surely visit this museum! Looks so exciting!

  10. It's interesting seeing normal, everyday things that great people used. Brings them down to earth, you know? Makes them more human. And it's pretty refreshing in this case to see how minimalistic yet classy their abode was, compared to, say, the Marcos's lifestyle.


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